You ever wonder how God can be a jealous God? I mean why would God be jealous? Is not envy something God warned us about?

Have you ever loved somebody only to find out that that somebody is talking to another person? Jealousy raged inside of you didn’t it? But let’s analyze the reason. You were jealous because you wanted to give that person your love. You were jealous because you knew that he or she would never receive the love that you want to give them.

It is the same way with God. When I spend hours and hours in front of the television, God is jealous. Because God knows that the love that the tube gives me cannot compare to the love that God has in store for me.

When I turned to alcohol instead of turning to God, God was jealous. He knew that there’s not message inside that bottle. There’s no love at the bottom of that bottle. Yet I turn to it instead of turning to him.

To think that the God of the universe is a jealous God. He is crazy about me. C.S. Lewis said that “if you were the only person alive, Christ would have still died for you, nothing less.”

This God wants to know me. He wants to love me. How do I know this? Just look towards the cross of Jesus Christ. How can you miss it?


This is a call to all Christians to stand before the Lord and intercede for Marshall Mathers also known as EMINEM.


I know so many of us listen to this song and think that it’s just for entertainment, but this is not the only song the Eminem has put out that has expressed his wish to be free from this satanic possession that he is under.

There is no way… no hope for Eminem… other than the Blood of Jesus Christ.

I feel a strong STRONG feeling that we as a Christian nation, instead of continuing living in fear of the immoral lyrics that he has put out, I feel like we should pray, fast, intercede in prayer for Eminem.

So starting the minute you read this… If you feel the same conviction as I do… Let us spend the next 40 days in prayer for Eminem…

Eminem wants to get out… he doesn’t know how to… he’s trying it by his own strength… Let’s pray the blood of Christ for Eminem…

There is an overwhelming feeling I’m getting… Something is not right… Something is about to explode… History is about to change…

What is happening? Why does the promise of peace bring such a threat of war?

Pink Floyd described it best in a song ‘Goodbye Blue Sky’

“Did you ever wonder why we have to run for shelter when the promise of a brave new world unfurled beneath a clear blue sky?”

I believe God’s holy judgment is about to be released on earth. The human race is too wicked, too evil… We have brought this upon ourselves…

LORD, Father God… Have mercy on us! Forgive us for our sins against you… Give us salvation! Breath on us! Bring us back to life!

I’d like to argue against the modern day philosophy that truth is relative to the person, that there is no such thing as absolute truth. I believe that there is such thing as absolute truth and here is why;

We live in a world where opposites are evident, we know that black and white are opposites, up and down are opposites, along with left and right, soft and hard, big and small, weak and strong, so therefore on a scale of opposites, there HAS to be Truth and Lie.

We also need to acknowledge that we live in a world where we seek justice. We all want justice, not just for society but also for ourselves. No one wants to be take advantage of, we all want justice. So, whoever or whatever is controling the universe, ultimately wants us to have justice. I believe that there is a God, the evidence is overwhelming, so on a spiritual level, I must come to realize that in a world of desired justice, that the God who created all this, is righteous, and if He is indeed righteous, then He would give us the ability to know Truth.

How do I know there has to be truth, because truth is all around us… on a smaller scale of truth, we know that 2+2=4, that is truth, therefore we live in a Reality that Truth obviously exists. On a bit larger scale, we know that the sun sets in the west and rises in the east, that is truth, we know that, we can see that. On an even larger scale, we know that we live on a round planet, on a sphere, so that is truth… so if truth is relative, then the people who once believed the earth was flat are right? No, they had it wrong, and they later discovered the Truth, so you can’t hold on to the belief that the earth is flat, because that is not the truth…

The only way we can discover truth is if we see the reality in which we live in, and how do we see this reality? Well we come to understand our reality by our senses, but if our senses are distorted, then it becomes harder to see Reality because we are looking in the wrong direction. Our senses only translate information and create a reality in our minds… for example, the old question of “if a tree falls in the middle of a forest, does it make a sound?” I will go ahead and argue, no, it doesn’t, because sound is only the vibration of air traveling at different frequencies… it is only our ear that picks up these vibrations and turns them into sound… therefore, if there is no EAR around to translate the vibrations of the air traveling from the action of the tree falling to the ground, then there is no sound… there is vibrations, but no sound…

So our senses can be distorted and give us a different perspective of the reality in which we live in. As in a dream, while dreaming, we see, hear, feel, taste and sometimes maybe even smell… dreams can feel so real sometimes but are they real? no We are actually just asleep, not really doing anything… So when our minds are not intune with reality, and our senses are distorted from reality, then we are technically “asleep.”

So the test for humanity would be to find truth in a world where Truth does exist but truth can be distorted.

So Truth is all around us… Truth exists, so what is the ultimate Truth? If God is a righteous God and has given us a nature of wanting justice, then would he not be justified and righteous to give us the opportunity to know Truth?

The Truth shall set you free, The Truth also hurts… So there is Truth, but what is truth? That is something I believe people should spend more time thinking about… There is Truth, what is truth? or maybe the question is, Who is Truth?

Deceived by the Tube… A reality painted which isn’t reality… THINK!!!

Symbolism is all around us… but what does it mean? You decide… Hint: Knowing the Bible will make everything around you make sense…

Claudius Nan